Smartphone Futures 2012-2016

Smartphone Futures 2012-2016Worldwide market analysis and competitor positioning in the high-end handset market in 2012 and beyond

The smartphone business has been the single biggest revenue-generating growth-story over the last 4 years as the rest of the tech sector suffers amid this seemingly endless recession. Subscriber growth has slowed dramatically in saturated markets, voice and text have reach commodity pricing and margins are constantly squeezed hard under consumer pressure, yet around the world the appetite for new smartphones continues to gain pace.

Continuing to redefine the handset business, smartphones are fast becoming the device of choice for hundreds of millions of consumers, and 2012 is the year that worldwide smartphone shipments will top half a billion in one year. In this report you will learn that smartphone shipments reached 485 million in 2011, and that number will top 655 million in 2012, rising to over 1 billion smartphones per year by 2016.

The mobile handset industry is a $241 Billion USD business, and with that kind of revenue flow the question is, can you afford NOT to be a part of this boom?

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