Developing a Methodology for Mobile Learning in Organisations

Developing a Methodology for Mobile Learning in Organisations
Are you implementing or seeking to implement mobile learning for your organisation? Or is your organisation currently using e-learning and you are considering adding a mobile learning platform so that you may take advantage of the interactive and rich multi-media capabilities of mobile to deliver engaging and just-in-time learning?

This workshop is a practical exploration of what it means to develop a Mindset and Method for Mobile Learning. It will look into the underlying learning methodology and various models around mobile and will document some practical steps for implementing solutions within organisations.

Attend this workshop to learn about:
* The strategic advantages and best practices of mobile
* The Social Age of Learning and its impact on learning.
* A Methodology for Learning.
* Blended Learning and how different media and approaches can be deployed.
* Informal and semi-formal Technology and how it affects the design of learning.
* The Triumvirate of Mobile Learning – a model that is a balance between the ‘learner’, ‘technology’, and ‘subject’.
* Assessments and how mobile can be used to test and provide feedback.
* Rapid Prototyping of solutions and how an effective Pilot programme can be run.
* Strategies for Performance Support.
* Measuring ROI for mobile learning and where Future Technologies will take us.

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Workshop Details:

Date : 10 – 11 June 2013
Duration :  2 days
Time :  9am – 5pm
Venue : Resorts World Sentosa, Hard Rock Hotel, Level 2, Hall of Fame, Singapore


The workshop is designed to give a strategic overview of the subject and to develop practical ideas for the commissioning, development and pilot of mobile learning. This is not a technical session and is intended for decision makers, leaders and instructional designers who will be commissioning learning and are responsible for its success.

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Facilitator Profile

Julian Stodd is the Director for eLearning for GP Strategies. He holds a BSc (hons) in archaeology and material science and an MA in Creative Media Practice, specialising in the reasons people engage in online communities and the role of technology in creativity.

He was a researcher for the Centre for the History of Defence Electronics, exploring methods of methodologies for using oral histories in storytelling and interpretation. He was also a Founding director of Marton House plc, leading UK learning and development consultancy with oversight of e-learning and the creation of our core learning technologies around mobile, performance management, assessment and management information.

He has worked on the strategy, design and implementation of mobile learning, social learning and blended learning solutions with many major organisations including Allianz, HSBC, RIM, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Cigna and TK Maxx. He also designed and delivered the sales academies for Allianz, HSBC, RBS and Barclays.

Julian is an active blogger and thought leader in the fields of learning design with a focus on learning methodology and technology and how to create engagement with learners.
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Facilitator Profile

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